S'Cure Eco <em>NYHET</em>

S'Cure Eco NYHET

  • Modeller i färgerna Green Grey and Navy Blue tillverkas av polypropylen gjort av återvunna förpackningar
  • Modeller i färgen Black tillverkas av min. 85% återvunnet polypropylen som produceras av post-industriell avfall
  • Tyget som används för inredningen är tillverkat av 100% återvunna plastfalskor
  • Made in Europe

Meet S’Cure ECOTM, fitting perfectly within Samsonite's philosophy
to reduce and recycle waste whilst creating first-rate products.
S’Cure ECO has been constructed out of minimum 85% recycled
polypropylene. All of the polypropylene comes from Samsonite’s own
production process. With this purchase, you are preventing post –
industrial waste from ending up in a landfill. But that’s not all. The core
outside components are enriched with recycled wood waste. The
wood fibre gives a bespoke look to the carry handle*, logo and ID-tag.